What have you been talking yourself out of?

Happy Tuesday mindfull community!

As many of you know, SoCal got some interesting weather this week due to Hurricane Hilary.

It was colder, cloudy, a bit rainy, and grey.

The perfect conditions to snuggle up with a blanket, take a break from working at your computer, and enjoy some Apple TV.

This week I found “See” in my recommended list, but prior to watching, I looked up some reviews and they weren’t great.

Regardless, as I love Jason Momoa, I gave the series a shot, and I’m so glad I did.

I was enthralled and finished the entire first season in a week.

This got me thinking…how frequently do we talk ourselves out of doing something just because of other people’s opinions?

How frequently do we miss out on opportunities because we don’t try things for ourselves and get caught up in “groupthink”?

If you guys remember my “Soft Girl Summer Bucket List”, the number one thing on that list was to prioritize movement over exercise.

Last year, I started to have imposter syndrome because all of the other trainers I knew were heavily into weightlifting.

The content they were posting was around weight lifting, intense cardio, and HIIT.

It seemed like there was no place for people who like to switch things up with their routines.

People who need different modalities of fitness to stay consistent long-term.

And people who like to feel good and move, rather than constantly focus on “gains”.

So I started to make more weight-lifting content and made weight-lifting my main modality… knowing that my body doesn’t respond well to nonstop intense exercise.

This made my content inconsistent and made working out something like checking off a box.

However, after listening to my body, I now know that in the first two weeks of my cycle, I have a lot of energy and love doing things like HIIT, and heavy weight lifting.

And in the second half of my cycle, I like focusing on mobility, long walks, calisthenics, and slower movements.

I now enjoy exercise again and it’s far easier to stay consistent.

Reflection Questions:

What is something you’ve been wanting to do but have allowed other people’s opinions or your negative self-talk to get in the way?

In the best-case scenario, what could your life look like if you tried to do the thing you’ve been putting off?

Better than your best cup of tea: Gems from this week

1. People being amazing 🥰 A week or so ago, social media gem Charlie met with Grayson Roberts, a 9-year-old drummer with a condition called Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome. This condition can affect the eyes and Grayson has had 32 surgeries and 5 cornea transplants to help save the little vision he has left. To help him see the world, specifically the Great Wall of China, he set up a lemonade stand to collect donations. Shortly after his lemonade stand went viral, Charlie surprised Grayson with Drummer Travis Barker. Not only did Grayson get to have an awesome jam sesh with Travis, but received a donation from him to help him reach his goal.

2. Reducing your risk for diabetes even if you’re predisposed 🧪 A study done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine tracking 59,325 adults revealed that individuals who participated in one hour of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per day reduced their likelihood of diabetes by 74%!

Praying you all have a week filled with abundant light and radiant health,