Inexpensive Workout Equipment to Save You Money!

During the summer we typically desire to spend less time indoors.

And what better way to spend time outdoors than outdoor sports/ physical activity?

As I have begun to embrace many of the ideas of Essentialism, this summer I canceled my gym membership.

As a personal trainer, I have plenty of equipment at home and I can always turn on a video from one of my favorite fitness YouTubers when I want some variety.

To help you all get some extra fitness while soaking in some vitamin D I have compiled a list of equipment for you all on Amazon.

As workout equipment can be expensive, all of them are cost-efficient to make fitness accessible to as many people as possible (I believe only 4 out of the 11 items are over $35).

It includes a combination of things I have used personally or have gotten for my clients to help them in their programs.

My Top 3:

Dumbbells- If weighted cardio and circuit training is your jam, dumbbells are a fantastic addition.

Slant board- Excellent for getting squat depth if you have poor ankle mobility. It’s also good for really targeting the calves in a standing forward-fold

Balance board- Wonderful for stability training. When I injured my knee, this was an essential part of my physical therapy.

Honorable mention:

Kettle Grip: the dumbbell to kettlebell converter- I have never used this before, but I have acquaintances who have seemed to enjoy it. In terms of application, it appears to be a game-changer. If and when I purchase one, I can make an Instagram video about what I think and include that video in a newsletter.

It’s quite unique looking, here’s a picture for reference:

Praying you all have a week filled with abundant light and radiant health,


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