Finding Glimmers And New Exciting Things For Holistically Fit

Good morning mindfull community . Long time no talk!

The past couple of months have been very hectic and I know this past month has been draining and frustrating for most of us, but I wanted to share some tools to help us stay grounded during this tumultuous time.

I also wanted to share with you some new exciting things happening with my business that I likely wouldn’t have been able to do without the support of so many of you.

The importance of glimmers

A few months ago, I heard of the term “glimmers”.

And since then, I’ve tried to be intentional about paying attention to them.

Glimmers are essentially the opposite of triggers.

They evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, joy, and ~at times~ butterflies.

In between your advocacy and research, try to find pockets of joy throughout the day to keep you going.

Your body and mind need rest to function their best, and that’s what every advocacy movement needs: us at our best.

Meditation Exercises

When we don’t make time to center ourselves we can succumb to chronic stress.

Chronic stress is essentially experiencing stress over long periods of time, which can have both physical and mental health ramifications.

Things like digestive issues, body pain, headaches, weakened immune systems as well as memory loss, anxiety, and depression.

But, we can prevent short-term stresses from becoming chronic by incorporating mindfulness practices into our daily routines,

Some examples of mindfulness habits are:

  • Active meditations

  • Keeping a gratitude journal

  • Keeping track of your triggers in a journal as well as the physical symptoms those triggers may cause

  • Letter writing to the most important people in your life

  • Slow and controlled workouts in the gym, or at home on your yoga mat

Upcoming projects

Prior to releasing this on social media, I wanted to tell you guys first about some new things in my business and exciting projects I have planned for November!

1. I finally have a physical location I am training out of in Del Mar, California!

Say hello to one of the newest independent trainers at Self Made Training Facility Del Mar!

I have officially started taking in-person clients again! I’m very excited to grow and establish my business here in San Diego.

2. I am offering a special for my online training!

The holidays are tough for everyone, myself included since I want to still enjoy my favorite foods but have to navigate the landscape of food sensitivities.

This is also the time of year when the weather changes, the days get shorter, and the desire to stay moving every day gets less and less.

However, if you want some extra accountability during the holidays and want to ease into the new year rather than jumping into your fitness journey head first on Jan 1st, my online training may be a great fit for you!

I will work with you to find healthy versions of your favorite foods if you’re gluten and dairy-free like me, or we can simply work together to help you enjoy your favorite foods, guilt-free.

With my online training, you get access to:

  • Individualized workouts with our app

  • A meal plan backed by registered dieticians

  • Weekly video check-ins where we go over any questions you may have about your form, nutrition, or general wellness.

  • Nutritional guidance

  • A personalized grocery list

  • Assistance with creating sustainable healthy habits.

My online training is usually $300 per month but for November, I will be offering it at a $100 discount for the first two people to sign up and a $50 discount for the second two people who sign up.

And to top it all off, for the month of November, 50% of the proceeds will go towards Humanitarian Relief in Gaza.

I’m so excited for this special and by signing up this month you may not only improve your physical health but you can help those in need too!

Here are some testimonials from past and current clients

If you’d like to read more of my testimonials feel free to check them out at

If you are interested in training with me shoot me an email at [email protected] !

Whether you’re a past client or have not worked with me before, I look forward to guiding you further in your wellness journey.

Thank you so much for your support over the years, and if you’re new here, thanks for rocking with us.

Praying you all find pockets of joy in your days this week.

Abundant light and radiant health,